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Paediatrician's domiciliary visits

Paediatricians most often visit patients at home if:

  1. the child’s parents prefer the paediatrician to visit them to check the child’s heath condition;
  2. parents cannot take their child to the physician.

Domiciliary visit doesn’t significantly differ from an appointment in a medical centre.During a domiciliary visit a paediatrician will:

  1. assess the child’s development and heath state;
  2. examine the child;
  3. recommend additional examinations if required;
  4. assume measures for the child’s treatment if necessary;
  5. answer the questions about the child’s health;
  6. provide young mothers with the information about child's feeding, care and choice of care products.

It is important to know:

  • Paediatrician's domiciliary visits are available in Riga and in the territory of Riga Region.
  • Paediatrician's domiciliary visits are offered during business hours of Bērnu Veselības Centrs.

Paediatrician is a physician treating children, who perceives each patient as a personality and assesses his physical and emotional state.The more the physician knows about the child, the more correct treatment can be given.During a domiciliary visit a paediatrician can use barely noticeable symptoms to identify an illness and prevent its further spread.

A paediatrician visits newborn at home after discharge from the hospital and continues to carry out inspections on an individual plan.The examinations can continue until the age of 18 years, should the parents and the child so wish.The specialist will be able to advise the young mother how to feed the child correctly, to take care and to swaddle him, and can recommend a good massage therapist or a physiotherapist.Considering the parents’ wishes, the physician will schedule and appointment to see the child in the medical centre at a time which is convenient to everyone.You need to undergo all other medical examination in the medical centre despite the paediatrician’s domiciliary visits.

Constant long-term contact between the paediatrician, the child and his family will allow establishing trust-based relations, discussing various preventive measures and ensuring examination and treatment.A paediatrician examines a child since birth and keeps a detailed diary, where he describes the complete medical history, which will be helpful to any physician in the future.