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Oxygen bath

Oxygen bath

Oxygen bath for infants, children and adults

This hydrotherapeutic procedure improves skin and general body state, oxygenating it and accelerating body metabolism.

This special SPA procedure has been developed for a child and his mother.

  • Having an effect on the infant’s organism, oxygen contributes to the quicker cell renewal, improves immune system. Water is a natural environment for the newborn baby that is why it causes psychological comfort and relaxes a child, improving his sleep. In the oxygen bath the infant may comfortably move, while the oxygen is filling his skin contributing to the improvement of his psychomotor development, decreasing muscular hypertonia, relaxing infant’s muscles.
  • Oxygen baths are recommended for the older children that have sleep disorder, stress, excessive physical load, including sports. Taking the oxygen bath, a child calms down, muscles relax, skin and tissue are filled with oxygen, which makes your child feel relieved. Because of muscles relaxation, pain feelings are gone.

All the hydrotherapeutic procedures take place under experienced professionals supervision in the presence of parents.

Oxygen bath for adults and young mothers.

The oxygen bath calms your nervous system down, fills your skin with the oxygen, relieves from the stress, and improves your sleep, metabolism and blood circulation. The oxygen provides with the maximum muscles relaxation, rejuvenates the skin, relaxes your body after hard day, improves your blood circulation, and gives you energy and a lot of positive emotions. The oxygen bath makes your body stronger, your skin fresher and firmer.

In our clinic we use oxygen baths produced by the Trautwein company, that has been one of the best hydrotherapeutic equipments producers since 1928.

You should experience the effectiveness of this procedure yourself.

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