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Massage therapist evaluates patient’s medical condition and defines problem zones of his body; evaluates skin condition and muscular-skeletal system as well as peculiarities of the physical build; evaluates massage procedures and its continuation; prepares his workplace regarding every patient, also the massage therapist prepares all necessary massage oils, aromatic substances etc., taking care about his personal hygiene after every patient; provides his patient with the information concerning massage results; uses different massage techniques; massages certain zones which improve patient’s feeling, help relax or recover from trauma or disease; looks after patient’s feeling during the massage; consults patient on the exercises and issues of proper lifestyle; supports an appropriate microclimate in a massage room; privacy is guaranteed.

Available massage procedures for adults:

  • classic massage
  • therapeutic massage
  • sport massage
  • reflexology and segmental massage
  • beauty and honey massage against cellulite
  • relaxing massage

Available massage procedures for children:

  • prophylactic massage and gymnastics
  • walk skills development
  • gymnastics and massage for infants
  • infants gymnastics according to the method of Bobat
  • hypertonia elimination massage
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