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Speech pathologist

Speech pathologist

Speech Therapist
Most children have no problems with learning speak, but there are babies who are opening the words much slower and more difficult than it's normally should be The sooner parents notice the delays in speech development, the easier and better this problem is possible to correct.

The visit to the speech therapist should be notified if:

  • There are the letters/ words, that the child is unable to speak;
  • The child can not pronounce the words clearly understandable;
  • The child speaks very vaguely;
  • Monitored other speak problems.

Important to know the starting speech therapy classes:

  • Work on a child's speak improvement, parents will continue speak work on a regular basis at home.
  • During the visit, a speech therapist will show the necessary exercises, that will perform daily basis at home.

Speech pathologist

If certain tongue twisters are causing insurmountable difficulties for your child, he or she may need the help of a speech pathologist. Even if your child is only starting to build sentences and you have already noticed some deviations or interruptions in his or her speech development, you must visit this specialist. There’s an opinion that a child’s speech impediments should be corrected only after reaching the age of four, but it is not so – the intervention of a speech therapist is often needed a lot earlier.

Unfortunately children that stutter, speak with a burr or have a lisp are often made fun of. That may certainly damage a child’s psyche and develop complexes. You can save your child from this unpleasant experience by asking for help at our medical centre. A timely consultation from an experienced speech therapist and further sessions with him will serve as a guarantee for a clear and well-formed speech in the future.

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