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Physiatrist examines, evaluates and treats patient’s functional state, helps recover lost functionality using physiotherapy procedures (electro-procedure, thermo-procedure, mineral baths), therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, massages.

Physiatrist provides help to the patients with the following health disorders:

  • postural or gait disorder
  • disharmonious movement development
  • hypotonia or hyper muscle tone
  • balance disorder or coordination disturbance
  • disordered motor activity because of immobilization or trauma
  • backache
  • pain, edema and joint’s movement limitation
  • neuromuscular disorder
  • deformity and contracture
  • respiratory diseases
  • rapid fatigability and low level of endurance to physical activity

Physiatrist does not perform any diagnosis that is why you can address him only when you know the reasons of a problem and diagnosis.

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