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‘Theraplay’ child and family therapy

18 Mar
‘Theraplay’ child and family therapy

Theraplay is child and family therapy, which creates and enhances the attraction of self-esteem, trust for others and create joyful connection. It helps to create a healthy relationship between parent and child, which is the basis for the safe capture and helps a child feel loved, accepted, cared for and confident about yourself. The parent learns to feel children and provide child care troght playing games, the touch and challenges manner, that helps the child to develop as healthy personality of themselves and convince personality. It is based in natural and healthy baby and parent interaction forms that is personal, physical and fun activities wheat are related to the gameplay. Theraplay is connected with the four basic qualities that are found in the parent-child relationship: Structure, involvement, care and challenge. Theraplay session creates an active and emotional bond between the child and parents or carers, as a result of the child's perception of themselves is changing to positive and lovable, and of the relationship as positive and rewarding. The very form of interaction will help parents to adjust their child's behavior and give the child love, joy and security. Theraplay child attends sessions with their parents

Theraplay helps children who are:

  • restless, too active, it tries to attract parents' attention with bad behavior
  • shy, concluded distressed
  • in infancy have suffered any difficulties (absence of their parents, an insecure attachment, illness)
  • who experience difficulties to build relationships with parents, their peers
  • children from adoptive families
  • children with hyperactivity, autism, developmental delays

Theraplay® is Theraplay Institute registered service mark

Theraplay’ is led by Art therapist - psychologist League Ruttule

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